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Book: Resting Place ~ Deja Vu

Book: Resting Place ~ Deja Vu

SKU: 9780998660431

Resting Place Deja Vu ~ Love at first sight, nonsense! How can one day, one encounter change your life forever? Officer Maria Rodriguez doubted that myth her whole life, so why does she find herself responding to a man that she doesn’t remember, and to her knowledge has only met once. 


It only took one day for Dr. Tate Weston’s life to be forever changed. One day and the very beautiful Maria Rodriguez to make him a believer in love at first sight.  While on a case, Tate and Maria experienced what neither believed possible, but neither could deny their love at first sight. What they shared gave them a glimpse of forever; that same day, their forever disappears when Maria suffers trauma that led to short-term memory loss. Then she learns that she is engaged. Tate knows something is wrong and senses danger all around. Will they trust God to guide them safely to their forever? 

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